About Me

How I got started

After many years of steering a successful construction business and raising our son, this is an exciting new journey that has ignited my passion for creativity and craftsmanship.

My husband and I ran our family drywall contracting business for over 30 years, until we closed our business to have a little time for ourselves. Then we met up with friends in the fall of 2022, and they were impressed by a bag I had made for myself, and persuaded me to become a vendor at a local market in a few weeks' time. I had nothing to sell, so I put my love of sewing into practice, and came up with a line of pouches and one-of-a-kind bags and had a very successful first market, which was so exciting!

Since then, I have launched my business, developed this website, started my Instagram account, created a full line of products, and am learning something new every single day - from new sewing techniques to photography to web design, and more.

I am so happy to have found something that allows me to express creativity and takes up my mental and physical energy in productive ways. The rewards are boundless, from the satisfaction of creating yet another gorgeous new bag to seeing how customers love my products, and everything in between. Receiving validation for my hard work and effort is incredibly rewarding, and I have my thousands of wonderful customers and admirers to thank for that! It's a stark contrast from my previous professional life, but one that fills me with a sense of purpose and joy that I've never experienced before.

Born, raised, and still living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my husband and our dog and cat, I've transformed a corner of our home into a studio where every Sparrow Handmade item comes to life, personally handcrafted in its entirety by me.

Rooted in Calgary, Inspired by Nature

Calgary isn't just my home; it's my heart. Born and raised in this city, I've come to cherish the stunning mountain views, the prairies, and the vibrant outdoor lifestyle that it offers. My love for sports and the outdoors has shaped much of who I am. From the soccer pitch to hiking trails, I've reveled in physical activity and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Though my knees may keep me off the soccer field these days, I've found other ways to channel my energy by crafting unique pieces that capture the essence of functionality, durability, and style.

Why "Sparrow?"

"Sparrow" wasn't chosen at random; it holds a deeper significance. Birds have always held a special place in my heart, and the sparrow, in particular, resonates with me. Often underestimated and overlooked, sparrows are the underdogs of the avian world. Yet, their tenacity and resourcefulness enable them to thrive against all odds. They are a symbol of resilience and adaptability, qualities that resonate with my journey and the path I've chosen.

This resilient spirit embodies the essence of Sparrow Handmade – crafting pieces that might be underrated at first glance but possess a unique strength and beauty.

Stay Connected

With a commitment to creating limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces, plus a continually evolving range of products, my product lineup is in a perpetual state of transformation. This ensures that every item in my product line is infused with the authenticity and uniqueness that define handmade craftsmanship. To stay updated on the latest additions and upcoming markets where I'll be showcasing my work, consider signing up for email product updates or following me on Instagram.

Sparrow Handmade is more than just a small business; it's a celebration of life's second chapters, a tribute to the beauty of the natural world, and a reflection of the strength that comes from rooting for the underdog. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.